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[IP] Questions on sports and the pump

My son Jake, 14, pumping since 8/01 has had the healthiest year in ages ( 
knocking on wood).  He started his 8th grade year turning out for tennis (a 
first for him), he loved it and wore his pump all the time.  We had quite a 
bit of adjustments to make, lots of lows!  He went immediately into wrestling 
(my jaw dropped when he announced his interest in wrestling).  He could not 
wear his pump while on the mat, but he checked his bs at the start of the 
meet or practice, just before disconnecting, and again when he reconnected 
his pump as he came off the mat, and taking his boluses as needed.  We did 
however have troubles with bent cannulas from being pushed into the mat, but 
after a consultation with minimed, he agreed to try the silhouette and he is 
experiencing no problems since then.  This was his first encounter with 
wrestling, and a successful one too.   He made varsity, received 4 pins, and 
4 decisions, only being beaten once, which was during the championships, his 
first round.  He was so excited and nervous, he forgot to check his bs, and 
needless to say, we had to help him off the mat, and treat him, he did 
however, recover to take the second round match by decision, and the third 
round match by a pin, ending with 2nd place in his weight division for the 
district.  He is now in a "holding" pattern, waiting for his favorite sport 
to start, track...

We have learned, depending on the type of activity, the weather, and his 
adrenalin, he reacts to each sport differently.  We are preparing now, for 
the "runner's high", which also runs his bs's high.

Thanks to the pump, Jake is one happy teen!

Judy, mom to Jake, 14, pumping since 8/01
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