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Re: [IP] Re: On my soapbox

> Ryan Bruner said:
> >>> I'm afraid I'm speaking to the wrong group of people, because my point
> has been missed entirely.  So, forget it.  Go ahead and contribute
> to the rising medical and insurance costs of the world without fully
> considering the impact. <<<
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Is pump therapy all that expensive when compared to most non-pumpers
> using MDI and using the pen?  Note the two excerpts below from the
> same article.

In most studies, they do not consider the cost of emergency room 
visits or paramedic visits due to lows. The on study that I could 
find that did include those costs noted a 50% reduction in cost for 
CSII -----  INCLUDING the cost of hospitalzation for pump training.

See the KIDS page of the web site.
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