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Re: [IP] On My Soap Box

> > When Lily's 506 finally turned its toes toward the ceiling, we sent
> > it in on a regular service call and a replacement was sent out with
> > the refurb caveat. The insurance company was contacted and they
> > authorized a new pump. Their choice is "pay for a repair or new
> > pump", they opted for the new pump since there is no warranty on a
> > refurb (to speak of).
> Would this hold true if you opted to get a different manufacturer's
> pump? In other words, the loaner that you got would probably have a
> fee associated with it, would it not?
> Just wondering.

I now of many people that have "borrowed" Animas & Disetronic pumps 
for a trial period. Dana recently offered anyone interested a trial 
pump. I suspect most mfgr's would happily loan you a pump while 
they process your paperwork as long as you provide a dr's order.

> But do they work beyond the warranty period?  I know from personal
> experience that they often do.  My first pump, a MM 504, lasted
> seven years, and was still working fine when replaced.  It was
> replaced because I needed more than four basal rates in one day, and
> four was all that was possible on my 504.  I continue to use a 507
> that is now more than five years old.
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