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Re: [IP] Questions on sports and the pump

Is your question about how/where do you wear the pump
during league sports or is it about the
liability/legalities of the pump during league sports?

I play tennis on a league.  There has never been a
single question about diabetes or the pump in terms of
the league administration.  I make sure my team
captain and my opponents know that I am diabetic.

I have also been know to play full-body-contact tennis
during double.  (I have scarred knees to prove it!).  

I wear my pump attached to the waist band of my tennis
skirts - pump on the inside.  Only once has it been
knocked loose from me - during one of those
full-body-contact moments. (That should teach me to
talk more to my partner during a match, eh?).  No
problem with the pump - but my ego was bruised.


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