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[IP] Here is a thought.

This weekend when I was out skiing I received a low battery warning on my
Paradigm. The only problem is that I was wearing the sports harness and the
pump was under four layers of clothing. The sports harness that Minmed
offers can be worn with the pump in the front or on your back. In any
configuration it puts the pump about sternum high on me. It is fairly well
insulated and comfortable. I never felt the alarm go off (vibrate) until
lunch break, 4 1/2 hrs later when I pulled it out to bolus for my lunch. I
quickly changed the battery and all was well.
That lead me to think of this, those of us that are either hearing
impaired, or find themselves in situations like the one described above,
wouldn't it be nice to be able to plug a earpiece in your ear linked to the
pump that would enable you to hear the alarm even when cruising at 30 to 40
mph on the slopes? Or how about the heavy sleepers out there that might
sleep through an alarm vibrate or beep and wake up to a non functioning
I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and the first thing I do
is hit the back light button to check the pumps status. Not that I don't
trust my Paradigm......I just don't trust that I will wake up to a beep
that isn't that loud even when set on high alarm. What do you think, enough
reason for our pump manufactures to add the software and hardware? They
could sell the earpiece at an additional cost to the consumer.

Michael Chambers
Lebanon, ME
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