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[IP] Re: Celexa

Cynthia, please don't be embarrassed about taking meds for depression.  I started taking them after a boyfriend dumped me because of diabetes, and I still take them now--they just help me deal with everything diabetic.  I take 30 mg of Celexa a day, with some Wellbutrin, also.  I have never noticed any changes in my BG's with any of the antidepressants I have been on--the first they tried was Zoloft, which worked ok until I started getting horrible headaches.  From what my doc says I am pretty lucky as far as side effects are concerned--the only side effect I have from any of these meds is that my hands are just slightly shaky.

I hope the meds work for you, but as someone else said, it will take a little while, probably a few weeks, for them to start working.  And if they don't, there are lots of other meds out there to try.  I hope they begin to help you soon.
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