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Re: [IP] No insurance = I don't care.

I live in Massachusetts and we have free clinics where people with
low/no incomes can go and see a doc for no charge. Often assistance with
prescriptions is also available. Many drug companies have "free:
programs as well - but you will need a doctor to help you with this. I
would suggest calling your local United Way "First Call" they usually
keep a database on all programs that are available. If you cannot find a
listing for this in your area (usually information like this is listed
in the first few pages of your local phone book) then I would suggest
contacting your local Council on Aging or Area Agency on Aging(AAA) -
even though you are not yet 60 they will most likely be able to point
you in the right direction. I am a social worker at a AAA and we often
get calls from people in their fifties - we do our best to give them the
information they need. Good Luck!

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> Hi, everyone. Just thought I would vent a little. 
> I have no insurance, live in America and get my supplies from Canada.
> bless them. I just paid out $705.00 for me and my wife for meds that
> have been over $2,500 here in Wisconsin. 
> I can only do this occasionally. I have been on unemployment since 
> March....this time. 
> My doctor was great for awhile and gave me samples, which carried me
> months. But, after a year had passed and I was unable to afford to go
in to 
> see him ($170.00 plus hundreds for blood work for me and my wife) he
cut me 
> off both samples and would not even renew my prescription for insulin.
> I have been his patient for eight years and have always seen him 3-4
> per year when I had insurance. Now that I can't pay, and a year has
> he could care less. 
> I understand the liability issue....I guess. But to deny a Diabetic
> insulin, I'm afraid I don't understand. I don't understand either, not
> renewing prescriptions me and my wife have been on for years. For
> our blood pressure pills, depression pills, etc. 
> We have lost nearly everything from the cost of our meds alone and the
> months of being on unemployment compensation over the past eight
> It's the old scenario "they don't want me anymore, because I'm over
> Anyway, this is about the doctor. I just don't see how he could do
this to 
> us. I explained the above situation, and it didn't matter. What do you
> think? Should maintenance drugs, especially insulin, be held from
> because they have no money to pay for doctors and the tests? 
> Thanks for listening. 
> Bud 
> I want the tests, too. 
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