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[IP] Re: Normal sugars but positive ketones?

> indicating that my body was not getting enough insulin,
>How do your  numbers remain normal if your body is not getting enough insulin?

>Ketones only happen for one reason (mainly) its when the body >is not getting enough energy from the blood stream (which can >be lack of insulin or lack of food) that it must resort to >using itself for energy where ketones are produced as a >byproduct.  This can happen and you blood sugar 
>can be any number..  you blood sugar can be 120 (6.5 for you >Canadians) and you have ketones or it can be 500 with no >ketones if your body is getting 
>enough energy.
>Brian Carter

Brian is correct that any kind of starvation can cause the production of ketones, due to the body burning fat and protein stores for fuel, in the abscence of carbohydrates. This is not exactly the same as when you don't have enough insulin on board.
When you use a urine dip test, there is a delay in the urine test becoming positive for ketones, especially as dka is corrected. This is a limitation of the test used and the specific kind of ketone it is checking for and so, urine ketones alone are not reliable for monitoring for the presence of dka.
Still. the best thing to do is to continue insulin, keep checking/correcting as needed, and drink LOTS of fluids, esp carbohydrate loaded kinds.
Hope you feel better soon.

Joann, Mom to Cara, age 17, Type 1 since 2/13/97, pumping since 3/1/98.
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