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Re: [IP] Celexa?


I am currently on Celexa and Wellbutrin.  I have at times been on Zoloft and 
on Paxil.  My doctor even put me on Effexor for just a few days but it was 
definitely not the right drug for me.  When they work, antidepressants tend 
to lower my BG.  I really think it is because I am less tense and anxious, so 
my BG levels drop.  

I had a major problem with depression around Christmas and since have found a 
group called, Emotions Anonymous.  They are a spin off of the Alcoholics 
Anonymous and use a similar 12 step model.  I have really found that this 
group is very comforting to me.  With the antidepressants and this group, 
maybe I will be able to find happiness, not just continually feel anger, hurt 
or numb.

Good Luck,
Cee Dee 
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