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Re: [IP] Celexa?

Cynthia one thing I didn't do  and want to now is to validate your feelings
and tell you that it feels crummy to be depressed.  In fact feeling
depressed or embarrassed about feeling depressed is part of being depressed.

Lousy, ain't it?

Also, a little story.  I was in a hospital recently and a nurse was doing an
assessment.  She asks me what the anti-depressants are for.

So I tell her,  "I've had diabetes for 30 years, I have stage 2 cataracts,
the bypass grafts I have are clogged and inoperable, I have an artificial
heart valve,  I have kidney failure, I have neuropathy, and I have chronic
gout.  Don't I have the right to sing the blues?"

She agreed.

As others have said it seems like depression does come as another
complication of diabetes.  And, from what I've read so far, we seem to be in
good company.

Hang in there,

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