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Re: [IP] Celexa?

At Sat, 25 Jan 2003 16:39:49 -0800 (PST),
Cynthia VanDenBerge wrote:
> Hi all.  This is kind of embarrassing, but my Dr.
> started me on Celexa for depression.  Not sure how I
> am feeling about that yet, it is kinda scary.  BUT, I
> am wondering if anyone has had changes in their BGs
> with this drug?  I have not been able to find much in
> the way of contraindications for diabetes with this
> drug.  Thanks for any info.  Blessings, Cynthia

I haven't noticed any BG effects.  (And if there were any, they've
long since been corrected for and ignored.)

-R (happily on Celexa for quite a while now, although maybe I should
have said "happier now than I was before")
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