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[IP] No insurance = I don't care

>We have lost nearly everything from the cost of our meds alone and the
>months of being on unemployment compensation over the past eight years.


I am a doc, and although I do not agree with what your doctor is doing, I can 
understand where his mind may be, with liability issues etc.
That said, most physicians don't keep insulin "samples" around, although they 
usually have other med samples. But that still means you have to pay out of 
pocket for the insulin, even with a prescription.
There are programs, run by the prescription drug companies that will give you 
FREE, or discounted meds, if you qualify by income, which it sounds like you 
Unfortunately, your physician has to fill out the form, or part of it, for 
most of them that I have seen. It could be that you could get the info from 
the various companies that market the meds you need, and bring them to your 
doctor to get the forms filled out. It also may be that you will have to pay 
for that appointment, but that is a lot less than all the meds if you can get 
them free. Of course, if your doctor won't fill them out, or is being a PIA, 
then it's probably time to find another doc.

Some places to start looking for patient assistance programs:
Merck.com or 800-994-2111
novartis.com or 866-974-2273
Pfizer - connection to care program. The # is 800- 707-8990 or 
There is a program called Together Rx. # 800-865-7211 or web <A HREF="http://www.together-rx.com">
I also have a booklet that was sent to me last year which is a 2002 Directory 
of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs. It includes all member 
companies of PhRMA (who puts it out). Their web site is <A HREF="www.phrma.org">www.phrma.org</A>. # is 

Maybe there is something useful on those sites for you and your wife. I hope 
it helps.

Joann, Mom to Cara, age 17, Type 1 since 2/13/97, pumping since 3/1/98.
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