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RE: [IP] Celexa?

Dear Cynthia,

This is kind of embarrassing, but my Dr.
started me on Celexa for depression..............

	There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that this should be embarassing for
you.  We are all here, people who have diabetes or loved ones of people who
have diabetes, and we are all here to support one another through

	It is not unusual for people w/diabetes to go through periods of depression
and to be taking antidepressants.  It certainly is not an easy disease to
have to live with and there are lots of pressures that go with it.

	Some people go through short periods of it and others go through longer
periods of it.....so if the med helps you, then stay on it and see what it
does for you.  If this one doesn't work, there are others out there that

	I know many, many years ago, I was put on anti depressants to help my
neuropathy but I couldn't tolerate them.  Tried several but they put me in
la la land and I had small children and couldn't function.  I have a low
level of tolerance for many different types of meds.

	I was in therapy for almost three years and that helped me a lot not only
in dealing with my disease but other areas of my life as well.

	Jan is right!  Laughter is the best medicine and when we learn to laugh a
lot, then we get by much better.  We can't make this disease go away
although we all pray and hope for a cure one day.  We have to be thankful
for the technology that has been developed over the years to help us stay
under the best control possible for each of us but in the meantime, I truly
hope the meds help you and that you do learn how to laugh at things.

	Kathy B.
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