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[IP] Gestational diabetic becoming type 1

I had two gestational diabetes pregnancies that I know of out of four
pregnacies.  My first two were hydrodidiform molds (might be spelled wrong,
but it can turn into a cancerous tumor).  I lucked out.

The diabetes was found by a doctor I started seeing about 4 1/2 months into
the pregnancy.  He was one of the only doctors that tested for it in our area.
I was on diet alone for the rest of the pregnancy.

Ten months later I was type one.  I knew even before seeing the doctor and
confirming the pregnancy that I had the diabetes (the symptoms were all
there).  Within a year of having the second child, I had lost 20 pounds, about
110 pounds, but had not noticed (I had not gained much during the pregnancy
and lost it all when she was born).  My clothes were falling off of me.  I
have been insulin dependant for about 16 years now and on the pump just over a

None of the doctors were surprised by the diabetes, but I did have to have
them check me for it when I told them what was probubly the reason I was
losing weight.

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