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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin Pump Question

wdreiling says:
........I never thought that the sugars on my fingers
would affect the reading but it only makes sense that they would....

I can tell you that this is a HUGE factor for us.  Joshua, now age 11 and 
pumping 3+ years had a TERRIBLE experience at a sleepover BD party.  He was 
roasting and eating marshmallows and then decided to go check his BGs.  He 
did not wash his hands so consequentially his BGs were very high.  Josh 
bolused before calling me first.  He gave himself 7.5 units to cover the 
'high' BG and went on with the party.  NExt thing I know the mom is calling 
me and telling me that Josh is vomiting and really sick.  I run over there 
planning on seeing what DKA looks like for the first time.  He couldn't pee, 
he was throwing up so I was going to take hime to the ER.  I stopped off at 
home first (I still don't know why), washed his hands and rechecked his 
BGs....54.  Now what would cause him to drop over 500 points in less than a 
half hour.............marshmallow dust on his fingers...that's what!!!!  His 
BLOOD glucose was not 500+ but the dust was.

Moral of this story...when in doubt, wash hands and retest...or wash hands 
first so you only have to poke once!!!  BIG lesson this kid learned!!!!!!

mom to Joshua
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