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[IP] GHI insurance -- diabetes program

Has anyone on the list had experience with the "Diabetes Management 
Solutions" program provided by GHI (New York) insurance? When my insurance
changed to GHI earlier this month, I called for information on pump supplies
and they told me all diabetes supplies had to be obtained through this
program. I called Diabetes Management (apparently a subcontractor based in
Virginia) and they said all pump supplies were covered; they didn't require
me to produce a prescription or any other documentation from my endo though
they asked for his name and address. I told them what pump I had and what
supplies I was using and they said they'd send me 2 months' worth of
supplies and a new meter and would contact me every 2 months to see what I
needed to reorder. Nothing has arrived yet, but it's only been 8 days. My
cynical self has started wondering if this program is too good to be true,
particularly since GHI is supposedly the low-budget insurance option for NYC
employees. If it's for real, it's a wonderful thing and all you New Yorkers
out there should know about it. I'll certainly let the list know if and when
it works out. 
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