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[IP] Insurance Crapolla....

Hello all!
Anyways, I have been requesting a new pump from my insurance (new-ish
insurance- not the ones that originally subsidized my pump purchase) since
october-requested as a measure for pre-conception prep from my endo)...
Finally threatened to take action against my employer  and the insurance co
and finally got a letter saying that my request was frivolous as the bells
and whistles of a new pump would not be paid for (bells and whistles were
sited in my MDs letter as necessary ie multiple basal profiles and
waterproof for me to at the minimum maintain my A1C and continue it through
I'm sure one of my very seasoned friends here has dealt with this crap
before...Any suggestions (other than going completely ballistic- their
rejection letter - and oh, by the way they rejected the request in OCT2002
and just sent me a letter- stated they consulted an MD in th4e appropriate
field-Almost every MD and RN I've been to since bein g on the pump still
thinks it is a "replacement pancreas" and measures your sugar constantly and
responds....um hello...)_
Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with this please email
me privately at email @ redacted
Thank you in advance!
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