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[IP] Re: Medical necessity

Ryan opined:
>>>Frankly, I don't understand paying for implants.  But, I still see sex as
medically necessary thing...though, certainly not to the same degree as
someone needing chemo with cancer, etc. >>>

This thread has gone wayyyyy off and continues.

I continue:
When someone loses a tooth in the front, the choice to replace is often the
norm. Many people do not do so, so it really isn't *necessary*. They don't
die from a missing front tooth/teeth. Now, talking implants, are we talking
cosmetic enhancement? NO! A husband recently reported his wife had a
mastectomy aand received an implant. This is something necessary for
self-esteem, clothes fitting properly, and yes, cosmetic reasons. Is it
medically necessary? Perhaps not since it doesn't improve one's health, but
does improve *quality of life*. My vote is for the insurance to pay for it.

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