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Re: [IP] On My Soap Box

> When Lily's 506 finally turned its toes toward the ceiling, we sent
> it in on a regular service call and a replacement was sent out with
> the refurb caveat. The insurance company was contacted and they
> authorized a new pump. Their choice is "pay for a repair or new
> pump", they opted for the new pump since there is no warranty on a
> refurb (to speak of).

Would this hold true if you opted to get a different manufacturer's pump?
In other words, the loaner that you got would probably have a fee associated
with it, would it not?

Just wondering.

But do they work beyond the warranty period?  I know from personal
experience that they often do.  My first pump, a MM 504, lasted seven years,
and was still working fine when replaced.  It was replaced because I needed
more than four basal rates in one day, and four was all that was possible on
my 504.  I continue to use a 507 that is now more than five years old.

It is kind of strange how it works this way for some of us, while others
will have multiple pumps under warranty die over and over again.  I'm just
thankful to have had the experience I have had.  But that's another topic.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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