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[IP] No insurance=I don't care...

"Insulin can be purchased with out a prescription so you should still 
be able to get it,"

A lot of this also depends on the other question: With what money? If a 
person is already strapped trying to keep up with their meds, $30-40.00 
per vial makes the difference of paying the light bill or not.

I believe the guy's point was between he and his wife's meds, a low 
income and no insurance they can't afford to see any doctor. For a 
while his (I guess) "Ex-doctor" DID see him and now won't.

I hope he applies for disability or his wife should. seems to be a very 
difficult situation.

On Friday, January 24, 2003, at 08:45  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

> Insulin can be purchased with out a prescription so you should still 
> be able to get it, You only need the prescription in order for the 
> insurance to cover it.  Up here doctors can't write a prescription 
> with seeing you in person, at least they say so, mine does anyways for 
> strips and what not.  But I believe they can get in alot of trouble to 
> refill prescriptions if you no longer see them.

I don't have an entire IT service department at my disposal, so I got a 


Jenny Sutherland
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