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Odd, I'm female and was told women who started sex earlier and had more 
'partners' risked a higher chance of Cervical cancer. FORGET about AIDS 
and other STDs that are pretty cruddy to have....

The whole point of it all is seemingly DOUBLE STANDARDS. Guys  get one, 
women get another. Like Budd can attest with his unemployment and 
insurance woes, he is at 50, finding it hard to get work...I'm 47 and 
haven't been hired at all for years. Now, even musical work goes to the 
young. "You've got to do this and that to be well, but WE'RE not going 
to help ya" kind of thing. It gets downright frustrating as hell when 
the insurances can deny folks their BG test strips and so on, 'Oh, but 
we'll help you have sex'....Whoopie. I an really feel like doing THAT 
with a BG of 400+ or with complications all over the 

Whatever! I feel if a patient feels the pump is a good option for them 
they should be allowed the chance. Whether Ryan or anyone else agrees 
getting your 'vodio-oh-doe' on (needing the 'Homina-homina' to feel 
their own great health, others are just fine without it) is more 
important than a chance at getting treated for morbid obesity, getting 
treated for depression or a chance at pumping all boils down to the 
list's motto:


Crimeny's sakes, can we all move on now?

On Friday, January 24, 2003, at 08:45  PM, insulin-pumpers-digest wrote:

> Ryan wrote:
> While not a viagra user, there is a level of medical necessity there.
> First of all, in the "hierarchy of needs" (which is a well-documented
> and researched area), sex is a strong part of that.  In fact, there are
> many studies that show significant decreases in the risk of heart
> attacks and cancer for those who have sex relatively frequently, not to
> mention the psychological and physical affects itself.

Age is just a number, and mine is unlisted. :-)


Jenny Sutherland
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