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[IP] Re: On my soapbox

Ryan Bruner said:
>>> I'm afraid I'm speaking to the wrong group of people, because my point
has been missed entirely.  So, forget it.  Go ahead and contribute to the
rising medical and insurance costs of the world without fully considering
the impact. <<<

Is pump therapy all that expensive when compared to most non-pumpers using
MDI and using the pen?  Note the two excerpts below from the same article.

Ongoing maintenance costs of CSII therapy are not necessarily greater than
those of pen-injected insulin therapy, excluding the annual amortization of
the depreciation of the pump itself.  Both forms of insulin delivery are
more than twice as expensive as syringe-injected insulin therapy.  Clinical
Diabetes 20:214-216, 2002

Perhaps surprisingly, the data on pen-injected insulin are less favorable
than those on insulin pumps.  Jehle et al. reported inadequacy in the
suspension of NPH insulin in cartridges for pen injection.  There has also
been a brief report on patients experiencing acute deterioration in glycemic
control when switched from syringe injections to pen injections.  However,
as with CSII, Graff and McClanahan reported better patient acceptance and
fewer omissions of insulin doses with pen- versus syringe-injected insulin
Clinical Diabetes 20:214-216, 2002

John Kinsley
Type 1 - 1956
MiniMed 507 - 1998
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