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[IP] New to the Pump

Hi Wesley,
I suppose I am still a newbie to the pump but have dealt with type 1 D for
almost 39 years so here goes my list of what I love about the pump.  I'll
start by saying that I had a very easy adjustment period as I was taking 6-8
shots of insulin daily.  So there was only a sense of total freedom when I
switched to inserting a needle once every 3 days.  I also noticed that my
energy level was up.  I have fewer and fewer lows and seldom go higher than
200 even when things go wrong.  My 1st post pump a1c was 5.8 I had great
a1c's prior to pump but BG's were not stable).  My circulation has
improved...used to get lots of infections on feet and haven't had one since
pumping.  The best news is that my retinopathy is improving.  I love my pump
and wish that my doctors prior to my current endo, had been better informed.
Glad I finally made the switch.  Hope your transition is smooth.
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