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[IP] Re: Medical necessity

>So knowing how dangerous it is to your health to be so overweight and the
depression that she has and the low self esteem and problems
>that she has in her marraige because of her weight, wouldn't it improve her
life if an insurance company would pay for her to have a
>gastric bypass? Wouldn't it save them money in the future and greaty
improve her life both emotionally and physically? The insurance
>company says that they do not cover anything for weight loss.

Yes...and actually, I imagine that with recently published studies on this
matter, weight loss will become covered to a greater degree.  However, I
doubt gastric bypass will be since it is a VERY dangerous surgery to have.
Anyhow, some insurance companies WILL cover weight loss programs if it is
determined to be for medical reasons.  Those who are extremely overweight
(such as 400 lbs) would likely qualify.  Weight loss is not a matter of
making life better...but of getting to a place of health.  There are medical
weight loss programs available that doctors can refer patients to if they
are extremely overweight (such as 250+ lbs) that insurances will cover.

Now, covering weight loss can be a difficult thing, because it is slippery
slope.  At what point does weight loss become a medical issue versus merely
a matter of vanity?  That's a hard question that I think will be seeing
increasingly more attention in the next decade as obesity has been
recognized as an epidemic in this country.

>I think that it is wrong to pay for people to have sex or surgery for
implants, but not for people to lose weight and be happy and healthy. I
>am sure that she would live longer,and reduce her risk of  developing Type
2 and heart problems.

Frankly, I don't understand paying for implants.  But, I still see sex as a
medically necessary thing...though, certainly not to the same degree as
someone needing chemo with cancer, etc.  For example, in men, a frequent sex
life leads to a dramatic decrease in the risk of prostate and testicular
cancers.  It also reduces the risk of heart attacks/heart disease in both
men and women.  While your BIL can go on without sex...that certainly
doesn't mean that it is what is best for him.  In his case, he really has no
choice in the matter.  There is nothing to be done.  But in those cases that
something CAN be done, it should be.

Of course, if viagra is only be used to "spice up" a sex life, and not
because there is really any NEED for it, then it shouldn't (IMHO) be
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