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[IP] Re: IP Failing Insulin Pumps

<<Has anyone known someone who had to give up on pumping because the
pump didn't agree with their body --- actually their body caused the pump
to malfunction?>>

>My husband cannot wear a wrist watch.  They only last a very brief period.
He can wear a pocket watch though.  I wonder if some peoples'  bodies emit
some type of an electtrical charge that causes these mechanical devices to

Several years ago I had a watch in for repair. The guy said it was a sorry
mess and they shouldn't have sold one like it. I was on a lot of iron at the
time and that was actually what had eaten up the inside of my watch. I make
sure I get a stainless steel back and often cut a small piece of moleskin
and attach to the back to keep it off my skin. I'm no longer on that kind of
iron, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL

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