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Re: [IP] Insurance story

Be careful of overgeneralizing about insurance policies.

Coverage will vary by company and the coverage that your employer has 
contracted for which is specific to the policy. I'm in Southern 
California, our insurance company paid for 100% of our daughter's pump 
and 100% of her supplies.  All we pay for is a copay for the insulin and 
test strips. ($10 each for a three month supply from Merck-Medco.

Everyone should check the details of his/ her policy. Actually, the pump 
company research all of this for us. We order all of the pump supplies 
directly from Animas.


>John wrote:
>The insurance companies(All that have coverage in SoCal) have changed the
>definition of the pump to "infuser,home,insulin pump" It now is a durable
>medical good...like a wheelchair or crutches. Now it is a 50/50 cost split and
>a 2K cap on what the insurance companies will cover. My out of pocket went
>from $2000. to over $4200.00 plus now i have to pay full price for supplies.
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