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[IP] test strips - Michigan BS

Send a letter to the head person you can find in your Blue Shield and send a 
copy to the State Insurance Examiner and the State Attorney General's 
office.  Send them all by certified return receipt and make sure you have 
the actual post office stamp the receipt you have for mailing.  Then you 
have proof you mailed them.  Whoever gets your mail in the State Ins. Exam. 
officer and in the State Atty Gen. office may not be the right person at 
all, but I guarantee one of them will eventually put you in touch with the 
right person to begin your battle.  Do not give up!
We have done this many times in the law office I work in.  You must be 
persistent.  We don't always start with the right office, address, but you 
will find it if you contact enough places.

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