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[IP] New to the pump

As I said in my profile at sign up, I am starting pump therapy fairly soon.
I am going to be using the Deltec Cozmo and I am Extremely excited about it.
All of the things that I am reading on this list, weather they are good or
bad make me more and more excited to get my pump and start using it.  On my
way home from work this morning It occured to me that I have a unique
opportunity with the folks on this group.

I imagine that my life is going to change drastically (for the better) when
I start my pump.  It seems to me that in time like these people tend to look
back and wished that they'd payed more attention to certian things or better
remembered others.  I was hoping to start a new thread where the older
pumpers (read used the pump longer) would reminisce (sp?) about their first
months of using the pump and tell us newbies what was good and what was bad
about the first three months.  I am hoping that you all will focus on what
was good mostly I was thinking that this would be a haappy affermation about
why you love your pump more than the dog.

Wesley (dx'd 12/17/99 pumping begins in 5,4,3,2......  :) yay!)

S1.3 HOM+++ SMI/BUR+++ APU++> TRO/HTZ++ FRI+++ >f+++ Ipso DABF11, DABF17,
AABF19, 2F16, 2F09 M1979
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