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Re: [IP] Test Strip Supplier and letter?

>That also is an issue I was told about last month by the place we get the 
>strips from. For the past 2 months the cs reps at the DME have had to call 
>and get authorization from Blue Care Network for Liz's "special" before 
>they'll give me her one-touch ultra strips. They said they'll do that 
>until we get "the letter". I wish they'd send the letter already so I can 
>decide if we need to change our insurance provider or not. I'm getting 
>frustrated calling in the order so it's ready when I get there, only to 
>get there and have to wait another 1/2 hour or so while the DME and BCN 
>reps discuss what they'll do about Liz this month. If you haven't received 
>"the letter" yet, maybe they'll give you that leeway too. ;-)
>Linda V

What letter?  No one's said anything about a letter to me.

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