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Re: [IP] strips

At 06:15 PM 1/24/03, Judi in Michigan wrote:
>Send them certified mail, return receipt requested.  Then someone must
>sign for them and you can backtrack them.

Good idea, never thought of that.

>When I had a problem years ago with HAP, I wrote to the State Attorney
>General and sent a copy to the medical administrator of the HMO and the
>pharmacist in charge of my mail order drug plan.  Even though the State
>AG was not the correct person to write to regarding my problem, they did
>send back a nice letter, and in the meantime, the secretary to the
>director of the HMO called me up and I had my problem straightened out
>in less than a week of sending the letter.  If you complain loud enough
>and high enough, someone will listen.

Yeah, I may have to get out the BIG guns, but I'm concerned they'd just 
ignore it.  BC of Michigan thinks that the laws don't apply to them.  Btw, 
my sister has HAP and they'll only give her 150 strips per month.  Maybe 
I'll tell her to write the State Attorney General.

I did get a call from the secretary of the Director for BC/BS once, and she 
just blew me off too.  This was after I contacted my State Senator, who was 
one of the authors of the Diabetes Cost Reduction Act.

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