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RE: [IP] Physician Work Orders Medicare supplies

but you have to get this "PWO" (Physician's
workorder) filled out each time you need stuff.

	Spot, yes, I do have to have a PWO filled out every three months when I go
to see my doctor.  She fills it out and is supposed to fax it to MM.
Sometimes they get it and sometimes they don't.  I always ask for a
photocopy before I leave the dr's office just in case. Then I wind up faxing
it to MM.

	As for the pharmacy who handles my rx's for insulin, test strips and
lancets, all they required is a prescription which they said now lasts one
year and that is ok with Medicare.

	C-Peptide test everytime you need supplies???  No, you just need one of
those when you are first applying for an insulin pump.  If you get results
within Medicare's required range (has to be lower than .5), then you don't
have to have this done repeatedly.

	Kathy B.
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