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RE: [IP] A1c - 5.5 on MDI vs 5.5 on Pump

> There were in fact at least a couple studies done comparing MDI to
> pumps in this way. I will try to look them up the the journals for a
> reference but I'm pulling this from memory.  
>  The findings showed that on a fairly intensive MDI program compared
> to pump with carb counting in both cases that there was a negligible
> difference, almost zero really difference between the 2 methods. 
> This specifically looked at blood glucose values and the ranges that
> they would hit as well as the A1c values. On average (excluding
> exceptionally good and bad pumpers as well as MDI patients) the
> majority exhibited highly comparable numbers in both sampled BG
> values as well as A1c.  
The newer studies, particularly those in kids, show a divergence of 
values after a while. Strict compliance is very difficult to achieve 
with MDI. Not only is is very hard on the individual, but in many 
cases it is simply not practical to be compliant on MDI and live, 
work, and have a family (or life if you're a kid).

See the latest studies (most published 2002) at:


one of the papers sums it up very succinctly

Compared with MDI, CSII has better insulin pharmacokinetics, less 
variability in insulin absorption, and decreased risk of 

these finding and other benefits are repeated over and over again in 
the newer studies.

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