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Re: [IP] Test Strip Supplier

And what about amount of strips per month?  I just talked with someone from 
Michigan Diabetes Supply and he told me that's what the real issue is.  BC 
has now changed and will only accept an order that is 30 days from the 
prior order.  So, I'm without strips until after January 26 unless I buy 
them myself.  They are also limiting to 200 strips per month for diabetics 
on insulin ...

That also is an issue I was told about last month by the place we get the 
strips from. For the past 2 months the cs reps at the DME have had to call 
and get authorization from Blue Care Network  for Liz's "special" before 
they'll give me her one-touch ultra strips. They said they'll do that until 
we get "the letter". I wish they'd send the letter already so I can decide if 
we need to change our insurance provider or not. I'm getting  frustrated 
calling in the order so it's ready when I get there, only to get there and 
have to wait another 1/2 hour or so while the DME and BCN reps discuss what 
they'll do about Liz this month.
If you haven't received "the letter" yet, maybe they'll give you that leeway 
too. ;-)

Linda V
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