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[IP] No insurance = I don't care.

Hi, everyone.  Just thought I would vent a little.

I have no insurance, live in America and get my supplies from Canada.  God
bless them.  I just paid out $705.00 for me and my wife for meds that would
have been over $2,500 here in Wisconsin.

I can only do this occasionally.  I have been on unemployment since
March....this time.

My doctor was great for awhile and gave me samples, which carried me for
months.  But, after a year had passed and I was unable to afford to go in to
see him ($170.00 plus hundreds for blood work for me and my wife) he cut me
off both samples and would not even renew my prescription for insulin.

I have been his patient for eight years and have always seen him 3-4 times
per year when I had insurance.  Now that I can't pay, and a year has passed,
he could care less.

I understand the liability issue....I guess.  But to deny a Diabetic their
insulin, I'm afraid I don't understand.  I don't understand either, not
renewing prescriptions me and my wife have been on for years.  For example,
our blood pressure pills, depression pills, etc.

We have lost nearly everything from the cost of our meds alone and the
months of being on unemployment compensation over the past eight years.
It's the old scenario "they don't want me anymore, because I'm over 50."

Anyway, this is about the doctor.  I just don't see how he could do this to
us.  I explained the above situation, and it didn't matter.  What do you all
think?  Should maintenance drugs, especially insulin, be held from people
because they have no money to pay for doctors and the tests?

Thanks for listening.


I want the tests, too.
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