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[IP] Quickset Problems...looking for advice

I am posting for my father who is not a member of this list.  He uses a
MM508 with Quicksets and started the pump October 2002.  Over Christmas his
bloodsugars shot into the 400s and 500s for no reason.  He finally broke
down and told me of his problems a few days into it and asked me if I might
know of the problem.  He mentioned that this had been happening on and off
for a while.  After asking him all the usual questions I asked him if he had
smelled insulin near the pump and he said "yes".  I remembered a thread on
this list discussing problems with Quicksets connecting to the reservoir and
we checked and sure enough it was leaking at the connection.  He called and
had both sets and reservoirs replaced and borrowed a reservoir and set from

He mentioned today that his numbers had been awesome up until about a week
ago when it started happening again.  He immediately checked for leakage and
DID NOT find any leakage or smell of insulin.  Has anyone noticed another
problem with the Quicksets for the MM508?

Any help would be appreciated.  I use sils so the only advice I could give
him was to try a different type of set.

-- Sherry
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