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Re: [IP] Re: Michigan BC/BS ( a little long)

With all this talk about Michigan insurance and the pains to have stuff
covered, I am glad I got out of Dodge...I mean Holland.  :-)  But
seriously...  My dads company fought the longest time to not switch to an
HMO.  They are based in Europe and always had covered items for their
employees in America as best as they could.  My dad had John Hancock
Insurance when I was a kid and they covered alot ( I was diagnosed in 1980
with type 1).  I thought maybe I was imagining it since kids have very
little concept of money, but my dad over Christmas was telling me about the
"good ole days".  They switched in the mid '90s and my dad has had problems
ever since (he was diagnosed in 1988 with Type 1).

On the other hand, I have to say that I have been very VERY lucky with the
insurance I have had over the years.  I graduated from college in 1998 and
spent one month on my dads Cobra before starting my job.  In the last 5
years I have been on 4 different plans with 3 different insurance companies.
The reason for so many plans coinside with job changes and company health
plan changes.   The current plan is the first that I have been on that
wasn't my own but my spouse's.  Since he works for a large company and we
are in a group plan he pays the 'couple' amount, but it isn't any more than
his coworkers who have perfectly healthy spouses.  However all the plans
have been willing to pay for my pump supplies under DME and I only pay a
copay for the Humalog, Synthroid, and test strips.

So here is my question.  The plan I was on when I got my pump (plan #2)
covered it 100% and not under DME, and also approved my request for the pump
within 24 hours and minimal information.  I still have the letter which I
have considered framing (LOL).  I have just started year 4 on my pump and
know that the warenty expires in December (1999-2003).  I love my MM508 and
am nervous about pump shopping again with the added choices and the prospect
of having to pay a large chunk of it.  Even the 20% that most plans seem to
require is a little daunting.    However the thought of having to pay for
repairs on my current one also scares me.  In addition I haven't really
improved my A1C over the past 3 years even though my bgs are a lot more
consistant.  I'm still sitting in the 7's or 8's... so I am thinking I am
looking for a fight in the months to come.

Any advice?  I realize that it is January but I may be able to do something
in the next 11 months to make it easier on me.

My current plan is United Healthcare PPO which should be the same the winter
when I would be looking.  I know that most peoples plans are different but
any advice is welcome.

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