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Re: [IP] strips

> At 02:12 PM 1/24/03, you wrote:
> >Bottom line..... stand up for your rights and get the coverage that
> >you pay for. Don't accept the statement that you can only have and
> >inadequate number of strips per month.
> >
> >Michael
> Sad thing is, though, Michael, is that BC/BS of Michigan is very
> large.  You've said in the past to call your insurance and ask to
> speak to a particular person, the person who answers the phone at BC
> will tell you no, there's no one else you can talk to no matter how
> much you insist.
Don't call the customer service line. Call the state dept of 
corporations or look on the insurance co. web site and find the phone 
number for the corporate offices and start there.
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