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[IP] Re: Michigan BC/BS

On January 24, 2003 Ryan wrote:

>BC/BS actually PURPOSELY, at times, doesn't pay for something it knows it 
>should in hopes that the person will just pay the bill and not complain. 
>This method, while certainly not right, saves them lots of money by 
>getting the covered person to pay for things that they know they should. 
>When I was on BC/BS of Michigan, I literally had to call them once a month 
>for a claim they didn't, supposedly, process correctly. In one case, I 
>called and said, "Such and such is supposed to be covered, and it was 
>denied." The person on the other end just say, "You're right, it should be 
>covered. I'll re-bill it."

Last time I tried to fight a denial, I had to do so in writing.  To which 
they sent me a letter in reply that pretty much said, "tough luck, 
sucker."  I've found that you don't get much of anywhere anymore dealing 
with BC/BS of Michigan.  Call 10 different times with the same question and 
you'll get 10 different answers.  No one there knows what to do for any 
situation.  And, there's no one else you can talk to.  They're supposed to 
let you talk to a supervisor, but they'll tell you there's no one 
available.  You had a much better time with them than I've had.

I'm waiting to hear back from the company that my husband's company hired 
to help with handling BC.  They're supposed to help me fight.  But so far, 
I've found them to be clueless too.

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