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[IP] Test Strips/Supplier

At 02:12 PM 1/24/03, Trish wrote:
>If you are persistent and the
>Pharmacy CODES it their computer right, you can get your strips.  I previously
>had 3 different pharmacists at Wal-Mart try to help me and the only way any of
>them could get it to work was for me to come in EVERY TWO WEEKS to get 200

*I* would be thrilled to have to call and get 200 strips every two 
weeks.  I can only now get 200 PER MONTH regardless of what the doctor 
writes on the script.  Don't know how your insurance works, but BC/BS in 
Michigan uses "procedure codes".  Heaven forbid that something's new and 
doesn't have a procedure code, they won't even consider it.  The procedure 
code for test strips is A4253 which gets me 200 strips PER MONTH.  Now if 
anyone knows of a procedure code that will get me 400 strips PER MONTH or 
200 strips every 2 weeks, I would be eternally grateful.  Cuz that number 
is ALL BC looks at.

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