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Re: [IP] strips

At 02:12 PM 1/24/03, you wrote:
>Bottom line..... stand up for your rights and get the coverage that
>you pay for. Don't accept the statement that you can only have and
>inadequate number of strips per month.

Sad thing is, though, Michael, is that BC/BS of Michigan is very 
large.  You've said in the past to call your insurance and ask to speak to 
a particular person, the person who answers the phone at BC will tell you 
no, there's no one else you can talk to no matter how much you insist.  If 
you continue insisting they will turn you over to a supervisor who will 
hang up on you.  Been there, done that.  Talking to the insurance 
commissioner's office doesn't help, they just tell you to talk to BC.  Been 
there, done that.  It's a losing battle.  I don't know how a person is 
supposed to stand up for any rights when you can't even talk to a person 
who understands what you're talking about.  Oh, and I did send them 2 
letters, per their instructions, to get a copy of my contract, and never 
received anything.  When asked about it, they claim to have never gotten a 
request.  And, of course, you HAVE to request in writing.  And, they never 
receive your request in writing.  And on and on and on and on.  How do you 
win against an insurance company like that?

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