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[IP] Re: A1c - 5.5 on MDI vs. 5.5 on Pump

>If that was the case, then you cannot compare an A1c from MDI to one of
>pumping.   Meaning *in general* the A1c from a well controlled pumper 
>are not equal to those of a well controlled MDI patient.  
>I would expect the
>level of complications of a 5.5 (from a leveled average of readings) 
>better than a 5.5 of a average/cancellation of many highs and many lows

Likewise, you cannot assume that a 5.5 from an pump would be BETTER 
than a 5.5 from MDI.  There is no scientific basis (at this time) to 
make such a statement.  Many people "would expect" certain things that 
just don't happen to be the case.  For years scientists "would expect" 
that eating complex carbs would not affect the BGL as much as simple 
sugars.  It turns out, they were wrong.  :-)

But, you raise an interesting idea for a research opportunity.

>I am still very upset, that someone can see medical necessity for 
>oneself but questions that of others.

Actually, I didn't see medical necessity for myself for the pump.  I 
brought it up to my doctor, and my doctor saw it as medically 
necessity.  I was asking him what he thought of the pump in response to 
his concern with frequent lows as well as an A1c above 7.0.

Besides, I didn't question it of others.  I suggested that everyone 
question it for themselves.  In other words, each person should take 
the time to consider is it TRULY medically necessary.  The answer, most 
of the time will probably be yes...but not always.
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