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[IP] Re: Michigan BC/BS

>Doesn't work with Michigan BC/BS.  My endo wrote "Test Strips 
>#300.  Patient to test 10 times daily for IDDM on Insulin Pump".  
>Now they only send me 200 strips per month.  :o(


BC/BS actually PURPOSELY, at times, doesn't pay for something it knows 
it should in hopes that the person will just pay the bill and not 
complain. This method, while certainly not right, saves them lots of 
money by getting the covered person to pay for things that they know 
they should.  When I was on BC/BS of Michigan, I literally had to call 
them once a month for a claim they didn't, supposedly, process 
correctly.  In one case, I called and said, "Such and such is supposed 
to be covered, and it was denied."  The person on the other end just 
say, "You're right, it should be covered.  I'll re-bill it."

So, definitely fight BC/BS on it.  Also, keep in mind that BC/BS is NOT 
a fully commercial provider, but not-for-profit company.  They truly 
aren't trying to get money from people...but provide care while staying 
in business.  Frankly, I didn't like dealing with them, so I went to a 
more expensive insurance company (Partnership Health) which provides 
absolutely wonderful coverage.  
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