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RE: [IP] On My Soap Box

> "getting a new pump because current one is out of warranty but still
> working"
> I do see your point about this, but if I wait until my pump is not
> working and it is no longer covered by a warranty, then I will have
> to wait weeks and potentially months before I have a new working
> pump? 

Not really, all the pump companies will send you a loaner while you 
are waiting for your new one, even if your pump is out of warranty. 
When Lily's 506 finally turned its toes toward the ceiling, we sent 
it in on a regular service call and a replacement was sent out with 
the refurb caveat. The insurance company was contacted and they 
authorized a new pump. Their choice is "pay for a repair or new 
pump", they opted for the new pump since there is no warranty on a 
refurb (to speak of). This is from the ins. co. that it took me 
18 months to convince to pay for the pump to begin with.

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