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Re: [IP] About the Insurance Laws in all but 4 states

> Actually I've always wondered what that means... if by law the
> insurance companies have to pay for diabetes supplies in all but
> those 4 special states, what does that really mean?
> What do they consider "supplies" does that include insulin and
> syringes?
> Do they have to pay for those?

Generally yes, the language of each law is different. You should 
check the references on the LINKS page of the web site then contact 
the appropriate legislator and ask about the specifics. 


In general the laws state the testing supplies, insulin, and 
syringes must be covered in addition to prescription items. In the 
past, the insurance company ducked covering these items because all 
were available over the counter since so many people have diabetes 
and congress mandated that they be made available to anyone without a 
> Does it infer that they do not have to cover hospital emergency
> costs for a diabetic?

No, not unless they cover no emergency services or unless their is 
specific contract language that says coverage is not provided for 
diabetes emergencies (unlikely).

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