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[IP] Ryan this one is for you

I just wanted to say I DO understand your point of view here. Yes I have a
pump, but I also needed a pump due to my hypo unawareness, and some day
maybe all diabetics will have pumps, but untill then, they do have to look
at quality of life and IF a diabetic is doing well on MDI, then why mess
with it? If it werent for my unawareness, I would NOT have choosen a pump as
my A1C was 6.8 and I felt I was dealing with it all quite well. Mind you,
now that I do have a pump I have no idea how I did deal with it all lol, but
right now(unfortunatly) pumping IS a luxury as far as diabetes treatment
goes at this time, some day it will be more of a normal thing, but not yet.
Tami in Tucson
(hope this shows I do understand lol)
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