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Re: [IP] strips

> At 11:35 AM 1/24/03, you wrote:
> >Hey guys,
> >Mine tried this too.  I talked to my doctor, and he wrote the prescription in
> >such a manner that I can get as many as I need.  There are days when I do not
> >to need to use as many as others, and cannot tell which will be the case from
> >day to day.  Good luck.
> Doesn't work with Michigan BC/BS.  My endo wrote "Test Strips 
> #300.  Patient to test 10 times daily for IDDM on Insulin Pump".  Now they 
> only send me 200 strips per month.  :o(

You need to take the matter further, multiple appeals (save your 
notes and all documents, demand stuff in writing). THEN file a formal 
complaint with the insurance commissioners office. Also, consider 
filing an action in small claims court for breach of contract .... 
that's not the same as them denying coverage which would be argued in 
a different legal forum. Read carefully the contract language and 
what they've agreed to do. The argument in my previous e-mail would 
suggest that the insurance company has failed to honor it's 
contractual obligation -- thus it is no longer an issue of medical 
benefits but rather an argument about failure to pay. Call the state 
corporations office and ask for the name and address of the "person 
for service of service" for your insurance company. Contact that 
person and explain what you are about to do. This has worked wonders 
for me :-)  heh... heh.... If necessary send a demand letter and 
follow up with a small claims suit.

Trust me, the insurance company does not want to lose on an issue 
like this, it could potentially open a flood gate of claims and 
litigation. They will do whatever is neccessary to "placate" you.

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