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Re: [IP] On My Soap Box

> >Hmmm, but who should make that determination?  Your doctor or the
> >insurance 
> >company?  And, how can an insurance company who's never met me, talked 
> >to 
> >me, examined me, decide how many times I need to test?  
> Where did I EVER suggest that the insurance company should play any
> part in MAKING the decision?  No where!!!
> I think you are actually arguing with a difference issue than the
> one I brought up.  I wasn't speaking one single bit about insurances
> having the right to decide what to cover.  I was talking about what
> each individual should consider when deciding whether they should
> charge an insurance company thousands of dollars.  

The personal responsibility issue is a good one. 
i.e. getting a new pump because current one is out of warranty but 
still working, Mulitple pumps in a short time period, etc....
These choices are things that (in my humble opinion) should be payed 
for by the individual. If the individual HAD to pay for them, a 
working pump would certainly be kept until it died. There is usually 
no argument at all from ins co (and I'm not their defender by any 
means) in replacing a broken, out of warranty piece of medical 
equipment, but replacing a working pump seems unreasonable to me. 

This is a very different issue than test strips, insulin qty (which 
we've been denied if you can believe it...), etc... 
Just my opinion...

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