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[IP] Test Strips/Supplier

I have BCBS of Iowa.  Up to 12/31/02 the plan I had covered my strips,
insulin, scripts, at 80% after I reached my deductible of $800.00 per year.
As many strips as needed as long as the pharmacist put it in the computer
correctly (I tried twice to switch to Walmart Pharm but no matter what I told
them they could NOT get it in their computer right so I gave up on them and
went back to my nice, local, little more expensive pharmacy which has now
turned into a Walgreen Pharmacy but still knows how to code the computer right
asa they kept the same personnel).  As of 1/1/03 my policy changed to no
deductible for scripts, etc. but with a co-pay of $15.00; $25,00; $35.00 OR
25% of the script based on a "preferred" list of drugs/supplies, etc.  Of
course no brand of strips were on the list at all so I called BS and no strips
are "preferred" so you just have to pay 25% of the total cost of the strips no
matter what the cost but you are to get a full months quota of each script
when you fill them.  So I when I went to my endo in late Dec. I told him my
ins. changed and that I needed a new script for two bottles of humalog per
month and enough test strips for 12 per day.  He asked what kind of meter I
was using and wrote out 2 new scripts for me, one for humalog of 2 bottles per
month and one for "One Touch Ultra strips x 12 per day - needed for pump and
exercise purposes".  That is all he put on the script.  I took it to my
pharmacy in first part of Jan and told them I had new scripts as my ins. had
changed and I needed to get a full month each time and after about 15 minutes
waiting I had my two bottles of insulin and 400 strips with 11 refills of
these same amounts to cover the next year.  If you are persistent and the
Pharmacy CODES it their computer right, you can get your strips.  I previously
had 3 different pharmacists at Wal-Mart try to help me and the only way any of
them could get it to work was for me to come in EVERY TWO WEEKS to get 200
strips.  Believe me, I have better things to do than to stand in the pharmacy
line at Walmart every 2 weeks.  Maybe they just want you in their store more?
I will pay the extra to stay with the local pharmacy (even though they just
changed into Walgreen pharmacy) who seems to know how to override the limit on
their computer to match my plan.  Obviously if the price of strips keeps going
up, I will be paying more out of pocket with the 25% of each refill than I was
with the $800.00 deductible and then 80% coverage after that, but since my
policy changed I really have no choice on that part.
Good luck!
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