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Re: [IP] strips

> Doesn't matter what the policy says or what state you're in.  Maybe
> it does matter what state you're in.  Even with the diabetes care
> act being passed in Michigan, all it states is that insurance
> companies have to pay for supplies.  If they only give you 50 test
> strips per month, they're giving you diabetes supplies and the state
> considers them following the law.

Two issues are being mixed up here. Whether or not diabetes supplies 
are paid for and how much is paid for. 

Given: diabetes supplies must be paid for.
Question: how much

Here's (my interpretation) the law. Absent specific contract language 
in your own copy of the contract of insurance that spells out 
specific coverage limits or exclusion, whatever the doctor writes as 
a prescription is what the insurance company must cover. That is not 
specific to diabetes supplies but is inclusive of ALL medical 
procedures, pharmacy items, medical appliances, etc..... if the 
physician deems it medically necessary (not the insurance company). 
Policies are written in a manner that says:

What is covered: X, Y, Z
What is not covered: A, B, C

If the policy says it covers prescription items, diabetes supplies, 
etc... and does not spell out any limitations, then there are no 

NOTWITHSTANDING any internal policy or procedures that the insurance 
company may have, written or otherwise, if it's not in your written 
contract of insurance, then it does not apply.

Consider this. The insurance company has the unilateral ability to 
change your written contract of insurance.... heck, I get changes to 
mine that I don't agree with every few months. If the insurance 
commissioners office would let them limit the number of test strips, 
you can bet that the next revision of the policy would say

"Diabetes blood sugar test strips up to a maximum of 200 per month".

I haven't seen that nor do I ever expect to see it because it would 
never be allowed.

Bottom line..... stand up for your rights and get the coverage that 
you pay for. Don't accept the statement that you can only have and 
inadequate number of strips per month.


>  I was told by my state senator
> that since BC was already paying for test strips, the law did not
> apply to them.  It was to only get insurance companies that were not
> supplying any diabetes supplies to supply them.  And as far as the
> insurance company practicing medicine?  In Michigan, as long as they
> had a licensed doctor make the decision, it counts whether he's ever
> seen you or not.  <sigh>  And, as far as BC/BS of Michigan goes,
> they're going bankrupt and the state's going to rule in their favor
> since the state don't want to have to give them more money to bail
> them out.
> RoseLea
> who's grown weary of fighting the insurance and losing
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