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RE: [IP] Insurance story

John wrote:

The insurance companies(All that have coverage in SoCal) have changed the
definition of the pump to "infuser,home,insulin pump" It now is a durable
medical good...like a wheelchair or crutches. Now it is a 50/50 cost split and
a 2K cap on what the insurance companies will cover. My out of pocket went
from $2000. to over $4200.00 plus now i have to pay full price for supplies.
Well I will tell you that dealing personally with the beuracratic morass of
the insurance companies is a nightmare. Mt entire company is switching from
this company to another one because of this. Everyone I work with and for
supports my efforts to maintain my health and is behind me 100%. The new
insurance company is still 50/50 but with no DME cap.
Just needed to vent

Hi John,

I had no clue that something like this had happened.  I just ordered a Cozmo pump for my child.  I automatically assume that my insurance will pay 80% for the pump.  I have Blue Shield.  Also, I didn't know that we have to pay for all the pump supplies!  That's not fair.  Infusion sets?  

Is this right?

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